ARVO Realty Advisors is a pioneer in diversity and leads the industry in understanding both its value and impact on the communities we serve. The founders of ARVO Realty Advisors are considered by their peers to be experts in this vital area. Ed Ryland, CEO and President, is especially proud of his involvement with focus groups in the creation of strategies and plans to expand the discussion of diversity, including the creation of focus groups, and its value to the corporate and public sectors.

ARVO Realty Advisors is a leader in mentoring minorities and women. Recognizing that commercial real estate is tremendously under-represented by minorities, we are considered the “go-to” firm for minorities interested in pursuing a career in commercial real estate; however, our approach is not just to promote awareness of diversity and social responsibility. Our track record reflects how we have delivered scalable innovative solutions, flexibility, and cost savings through our strategic approach to diversity. In a world that will continue to change going forward, it is critical that we understand the impact diversity has on the environment, workplace, and community. ARVO Realty Advisors is committed to continued growth of diversity initiatives so that our community and clients can benefit from the cutting edge, diverse thought leaders, and cost saving benefits we provide.