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Sugarland Dialysis
Sugarland Dialysis retained ARVO Realty Advisors to acquire a lease for a new dialysis clinic with complex specifications. They wanted to lease at below market value, and needed to have the build-out completed and in full operation within a three–month timeframe.
ARVO Realty Advisors put together a team of tenant representation and research experts, providing a seamless one-stop service. Having established the search criteria, ARVO Realty Advisors conducted a full review of the market to identify all potential options. We looked at potential alternatives and completed a subjective analysis to compare how they measured up to Sugarland Dialysis' criteria. By completing a financial analysis, including costs such as tenant improvements, Sugarland Dialysis selected a short list of properties.
ARVO Realty Advisors negotiated with the landlord achieving below-market terms in plenty of time for the grand opening of Sugarland Dialysis.
ARVO Realty Advisors achieved substantial savings of nearly 15% for Sugarland Dialysis, a rent-free period, and other incentives, while meeting the necessary timeline.
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